Career Counseling

Last week I met with a career counselor.  The grad school I attended has career counseling services for current students and alumni. I thought that perhaps this could help guide me on the right track.

The counselor I met with was very nice and had some good ideas. Some of them I had already practiced (i.e. set up a LinkedIn profile, connect with people, etc.) but she did have ideas that I hadn’t thought of before. I took an online assessment test and am meeting with her next week to go over the results.

I must say that this “place” I’m in right now in my so-called-career…it’s not good. And I knew I was upset about it, but I didn’t realize how deeply this terribly yucky feeling of worthlessness had crept in my psyche until I started tearing up with the career counselor. Before I knew it the tissues were out and I was wiping away tears. She was very understanding, but I would be lying if I didn’t say it was a bit embarrassing.

My follow-up with her is Wednesday. I hope to have some more info then.

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