Squashed Dreams

Do you have a dream? Perhaps it is to own your own business, or to climb the corporate ladder and become CEO. Or perhaps you have always wanted to be an actor or a musician.

Mine was to own my own business and to exit corporate America. I just wasn’t sure what kind of business. But then I finally narrowed it down and thought of something my neighborhood could really use.

I won’t say what it is in this blog. And perhaps I should have followed this instruction while sitting at dinner with my family last night.

Here’s a tip: Never reveal what your dream is to anyone until it is carefully planned out and you’ve got one foot in it and you’re about to exit your current job.  That is a sure fire way to avoid your family and friends from telling you that your dream will never work or that it is not a good idea to leave your stable job in this economy, no matter how miserable you are.

So, keep your dreams to yourself. Don’t tell anyone about it–not your coworkers, your friends, your parents, and not even to your spouse. Not until you have done your research and have come up with an answer for every negative comment or question that could come up. And not until you are nearly close to pulling the trigger.

I learned the hard way.

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